Please ensure you follow our COVID Safe Plan when accessing the Peninsula Arts premises.

The Peninsula Arts Committee has a duty of care to ensure that each and every member can enjoy the facilities and opportunities to participate in classes and activities in a safe and secure environment.

Even when the number of active cases is currently low or zero , we must not be complacent as many of our members are in the vulnerable category. To ensure that we all continue to enjoy our art experiences we ask for your cooperation and consideration of others by following our COVID Safe Plan.

As we know, the virus is at its most dangerous when we are indoors, relaxed and comfortable. We must not be complacent and should be mindful of this when re-commencing classes and activities.

As things change/improve and when vaccination is available, we will re-visit our COVID Safe Plan and keep you informed.

Peninsula Arts COVID Safe Plan

Hygiene procedures – to be supervised by tutors/monitors

  • Hand sanitiser stations are available for use on entering the building and other locations in the studios. Refills are kept in the PAS Office.
  • Tutors will check hand sanitising takes place on entry and exit of class members.
  • Hands free soap dispensers and paper towels are provided in the toilets for members and visitors. Used paper towels are to be placed in bins without lids and disposed of by the cleaning staff.
  • To maximise airflow indoors, doors will be opened by tutors or their nominated supervising monitors.
  • Safe masks must be worn inside the PAS building and studios, unless a lawful exception applies.
  • Take home used masks.
  • Tutors are not required to wear masks while teaching.

Kitchen and resource room

  • The kitchen and resource (meeting) room are out of bounds.
  • BYO food and drink. Each individual must take used cups etc, food scraps and rubbish home for disposal.


  • Tutors and class members must clean the studio thoroughly between classes/activities.
  • Clean and disinfect all high touch surfaces in all areas including toilets. Taps, switches, surfaces and door handles must be cleaned and disinfected regularly using provided cleaning supplies.
  • Labelled containers of cleaning products are provided for each studio and the office. Products include disposable wipes, spray disinfectant and disposable gloves.
  • Office volunteers will check and refill cleaning supplies as part of their duties. Refills will be stored in the Peninsula Arts office.

Physical distancing

  • There will be a limited number of people allowed in a studio at any one time:

Large studio: 12 persons plus tutor

Small studio: 8 persons plus tutor

  • Interaction between persons in different studios is to be avoided. To this end a barrier is installed between studios.
  • Please enter the large studio via the main entry and exit via the storeroom during the day.
  • Please enter and and exit the small studio via the fire exit door which will be hooked open.
  • Toilets are now unisex, one per studio as indicated by signs. Office volunteer staff please use the toilet designated for the large studio.
  • Entry to the office by general members or visitors is prohibited.
  • Only two people are permitted in the office at one time, including the office volunteer.
  • A protective screen at the office window will enable communication, payments etc.
  • Each studio is configured so that participants are spaced at least 1.5m apart and there is no more than one person per four square metres of enclosed workspace. Smaller individual work tables are provided to achieve this.
  • Class furniture (e.g. chairs, easels) must be positioned to ensure safe physical distancing. A 1.5m measure will be provided in each studio.
  • Positioning of tables has been modified so that participants do not face one another when seated.
  • Floor markings provide minimum physical distancing guides at entries, sinks and areas where people may congregate.
  • Class start/finish times have been staggered to reduce the number of people waiting to enter and exit the premises.
  • Equipment is not to be shared by participants, tutors or volunteers.
  • Where possible limit contact between delivery drivers and volunteers. Deliveries are to be placed to the left of the front foyer.
  • In the interests of the health and safety of all visitors to the studio, please follow instructions provided via COVID signs displayed throughout the premises.

Attendance records

  • An attendance register will be available at each entry door for use by all persons entering the building. This information will be stored in the PAS office to assist in contact tracing if required.
  • For classes/workshops this registration will be overseen by the tutor.

Responding to a suspected or confirmed COVID case.

  • Isolate, in the resource room, any person feeling unwell and suspected of infection.
  • Call an ambulance.
  • Notify Frankston City Council 1300322322 immediately.
  • PAS will provide attendance records and assist DHHS with contact tracing.

Members, tutors and visitors must abide by this COVID Safe Plan if they wish to attend Peninsula Arts classes and activities.