En Plein Air

A group of 5 members met in Overport Park on Monday 11th November. In a blaze of beautiful sunny weather we sketched and painted, however the subject matter was a little difficult unless you were a lover of the dreaded green.  Members who enjoy doing animal portraits would have been in their element as the 9am and 10am dog walkers’ groups were out in force.

We’re planning at this stage to resume sessions late January 2020.  If you are interested, please contact me to have your name added to the email list to receive updates. With a total of 9 names on the list this will hopefully become a regular event.

Participants will need to sign an attendance book. Please note that you need to be a member of Pennsula Arts to take part in these sessions. If you will be arriving after 9am feel free to ring me to find out our set up spots. My contact details can be found in the Peninsula Arts newsletter under Committee contacts.

I welcome suggestions for future venues.

Margot O’Neil
Plein Air Group Coordinator

What to bring

Your plein air kit can be as simple as a sketchpad and pencil, or you can really give passersby something to wonder at. A portable folding chair is a popular accessory. Don’t forget your hat, water and sunscreen! And being Melbourne, bring a jacket just in case.