I have always made art- painting, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, banners, textiles- as well as music, writing, and decorating. I like to live creatively!


I have picked up skills informally from many sources and practise art-making for my own and others’ pleasure and spiritual growth, rather than for recognition.


I have worked as an art teacher in India and as an art therapist in acute psychiatric hospitals.


Over the years I have made many large works for churches, often for Christmas and Easter, or to accompany sermon themes.  I have made bottle glass structural windows for a memorial chapel, and installations for reflection at retreats. My art often relates to my writing- poems, sermons, and radio scripts- and it was part of my Masters thesis.


I have worked in many media and styles. Currently I am mostly painting, working in oil, acrylics and watercolour, and drawing in ink, learning as I go. The natural environment of the Mornington Peninsula, and the church calendar, provide constant joy and stimulation.


Since moving to the Peninsula in 2015 I have enjoyed the company and stimulation of the Friday social painting group at PAS, as well as the opportunities to exhibit and sell works.