Class: Working in Inks

Tutor:  Catherine Hamilton
Level: All
Duration:  7 weeks
Dates: 17 Feb – 31 March
Time: Wednesday 12.30 pm  – 3.30 pm
Cost:  $225

This fun and relaxed class explores a variety of techniques with ink. Creating various and innovative ways to create some stunning effects.

In the first week you will create your own A4 size bi-fold sketchbook and during the term fill it with ink drawings.We would use good paper to take the ink/water and other processes.

I will demonstrate the various ways you can use the ink and explain other types of ink that you can use within the overall process. Mixed media can also be incorporated into your work to add texture including the addition of coloured ink or coloured watercolour washes. The idea is to gather material on a favourite subject and use this subject to work from in different ways throughout the book and the term Lots of new ideas to kick start your creativity.
Info/book:  Catherine Hamilton on 0419 519 760 or