Fiona is a Melbourne artist with a background in missions, education and business. She paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour in a realist style with a particular love of landscape. Her detailed and expressive paintings feature a wide variety of subjects.

Australian artists she has studied with include Joseph Attard, Colin Johnson, Greg Allen and Cathy Van Ee. In 2013, she held her first major Solo Exhibition at St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne and regularly participates in local exhibitions & shows.

Fiona delights in sharing techniques through workshops and classes that help her student’s ideas take wings. An enthusiastic presenter, her workshops inform and inspire.  Her experience as a public speaker enables her to communicate her artistic knowledge with humour, practical help and encouragement.

Married to Mike for 25 years, they have two adult daughters and spent time working in West Africa as missionaries during the 1990’s. Together they ran discipleship programs,  re-entry seminars for missionary kids preparing to return to their home countries for University and led a student worship team.  Later, they worked with the nomadic Wodaabe people just south of the Sahara Desert in evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Fiona loves to share her testimony and the influence her faith has on her artistic practise. She brings a broad experience of working with many age groups and learning situations to her art teaching and finds great fulfilment in encouraging others in their faith and creativity.

In January 2015, Fiona’s art & teaching were featured in a  TV episode of Colour In Your Life with Graeme Stevenson. Fiona has created several outdoor murals as Artist in Residence at Belgrave Heights Christian School in 2016 & 2017 with the involvement of 100 students.  She teaches workshops and classes as well as creating her own work in her Melbourne studio.