Workshops 2020

The Foundation of Learning to Draw


Thursday 16 January 10 am – 3.30 pm

Level: Beginners to intermediate

A fun and relaxed workshop where you will learn the basic foundations of drawing. I will take you through a step by step process to create a drawing of a cityscape so you will learn about perspective, tone, how to create distance and lots more! This is a great introduction to drawing and a way to improve your confidence as an artist. I will show you how!

Drawing and Mixed Media Workshop


Wednesday 22 January 10 am – 3.30 pm

Learn how to use inks, ink washes, charcoal, liquid charcoal, graphite and a unique natural pigment called ART GRAF. Use them separately or learn how to combine them to create your own unique image.

This workshop is a great way to improve your drawing skills with some mediums you may have never tried and you will learn a lot about various processes and combinations with a surprise element thrown in!

Materials lists will be sent on booking.

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Collage of drawings in various media

Cost $80 Members; $90 Non Members
Contact Catherine Hamilton for more info or to book:
Mob 0419 519 760

A Walk on the Wild Side (Fully Booked)


Mon 20 January  10am-4pm

This workshop will show you the beauty and wonder of wildlife art.

Group of rainbow bee eater birds on a branch.

Paul Margocsy – Rainbow Bee Eaters

With the use of watercolours and other water-soluble mediums (e.g. gouache, pencil, ink, pastel, acrylic) it will enable you not only to paint feathers and fur, but to paint attitude, character and give a photo quality to your subject. It’s a fun workshop and a time to learn how to manage this medium and these wonderful natural creatures.

Paul Margocsy workshops $70 Members; $80 Non Members
Book: PAS Office on 9775 2640 or OR Ruth Quinn 0439 399 022

Paul Margocsy workshop cont …

Composition is the main attribute to any painting and, with this achieved, the technique used will excite and enthrall, not just the artist, but the viewer. You will position your subject, paint the surrounding habitat and give a totally realistic look to your art.

The backgrounds and the “props” of wildlife art are important when you are painting realism. I will also show you how to utilize airbrushing as a background technique. This will give you another dimension in art whilst having fun at the same time. You will be shown different ways of tackling this.

I’m sure you will find this workshop to be enthralling, exciting and totally fulfilling … painting nature can be fun.
Paul Margocsy

Painting by Paul Margocsy - closeup of pink cockatoo face

Paul Margocsy – Cockatoo

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