Fiona Valentine

Photo of Fiona Valentine, artist and Peninsula Arts tutor

Fiona is currently on leave from Peninsula Arts. However we have other excellent tutors offering watercolour classes.
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Artist and tutor Fiona Valentine enjoys making art that brings the beauty of nature indoors.  Big skies, water reflections, trees, and flowers all feature in her work which seeks to bring a feeling of joy and rest to places we live and work.

​Fiona’s paintings have been featured in Australian Artist Magazine, TV show Colour In Your Life, an exhibition at St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne and a Christmas cover for The Melbourne Anglican newspaper.

​As artist in residence at Belgrave Heights Christian School, Fiona helped students create multiple murals including an 8 metre outdoor landscape. Her most unique painting experience so far has been painting in evening dress and heels during a concert with Melbourne choir “Polyphonic Voices” at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.  Her Team Building Drawing Workshops help companies improve customer serve by increasing their team’s innovation and creativity.

Fiona works in multiple mediums and is currently a guest writer for Australian Artist Magazine.  Her Facebook group ‘The Confident Artist’ supports aspiring artists to build a creative habit and conquer the basics of painting, so they can make beautiful art.

Fiona divides her time between painting in her home studio in Melbourne and teaching.  She offers online courses and coaching in addition to her live class at Peninsula Arts.

Learn painting with FionaPhoto of Fiona Valentine painting outdoors at easel

My teaching style is relaxed and encouraging.  I love to share, step by step, how to find your confidence in art making.  Painting requires a complex set of skills.  I offer explanations that make sense and simple techniques that can be practised until they feel familiar.

I believe if you want to learn to paint, you have more than enough creativity and talent to make beautiful art.  What you need are SKILLS and skills can be learned. So, don’t stress over questions like “Do I have what it takes?” or “But I can’t draw!”  My easy methods and clear instructions will help you find your way.

I teach a watercolour class at Peninsula Arts on Tuesday mornings.  We have a wonderful, friendly group with a mix of beginners and experienced painters.  I introduce a new project with reference photos every 2 weeks. I demonstrate how to paint the subject, explaining my thought processes and techniques including colour mixing.


I encourage class members to bring personal projects they are working on and I’m happy to offer feedback and encouragement.  There is always an interesting ‘arty’ conversation going on somewhere in the class. The synergy of learning and creating together nurtures beginners and experienced watercolourists alike in this vibrant group.

Come and join us!  You are also welcome to join my free Facebook group, The Confident Artist, which is a great place to connect with other artists and add to your learning.  See my website for more information.

Artwork by Fiona Valentine

Student artwork