Short Course: Drawing & Sketching Skills with Nic Kirkman

Tutor: Nic Kirkman
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Duration: 5 weeks
Studio: Small
Dates: 14, 21, 28 July – 4, 11 August
Time: Wednesday 5.30 pm – 7 pm
Cost: $160
Key analytical skills to develop fun, sophisticated, accurate AND loose drawing skills. Work from life, photographs and eventually your imagination! Learn to work in a forgiving way that lends itself both to realism and impressionism. Hone the skills for depicting 3D shapes on a 2D surface. The course materials are inexpensive and few: paper, graphite pencils/sticks, charcoal, kneadable and vinyl erasers. Nic also keeps things light and helps you learn to be kinder to yourself in your artistic endeavours.
Info/book: Nic Kirkman on 0426 614 363 or

Class: All Media – All Levels

Tutor:  Nic Kirkman
Level: All
Duration:  10 weeks
Studio: Small
Dates: 13 July – 14 September
Time: Tuesday 9.30 pm – 12 pm
Cost:  $300
This is a class for those wanting to be in complete charge of what they do but just wanting someone to give advice on how to do it a bit better each week. Each week will be augmented with a video tutorial, relating to subjects and mediums
Info/book:  Nic Kirkman on 0426 614 363 or