Classes that run on Wednesday

Class: Watercolour

Tutor: Vivi Palegeorge
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Large studio
Dates: 14, 21, 28 July – 4 August
Time: Wednesday 12.30 am – 3 pm
Cost: $140
Step by step demonstrations and subjects covered will include landscape, seascape, a street scene, and some figurative work. Reference images will be supplied although students can work from their own images if preferred.
Info/book: Vivi Palegeorge on 0408 364 084 or

Short Course: Drawing & Sketching Skills with Nic Kirkman

Tutor: Nic Kirkman
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Duration: 5 weeks
Studio: Small
Dates: 14, 21, 28 July – 4, 11 August
Time: Wednesday 5.30 pm – 7 pm
Cost: $160
Key analytical skills to develop fun, sophisticated, accurate AND loose drawing skills. Work from life, photographs and eventually your imagination! Learn to work in a forgiving way that lends itself both to realism and impressionism. Hone the skills for depicting 3D shapes on a 2D surface. The course materials are inexpensive and few: paper, graphite pencils/sticks, charcoal, kneadable and vinyl erasers. Nic also keeps things light and helps you learn to be kinder to yourself in your artistic endeavours.
Info/book: Nic Kirkman on 0426 614 363 or

Class: Art for Young People [Wednesday]

Tutor:  Su Fishpool
Level:  All levels, 7 to 18 years of age
Duration:  10 weeks
Studio: Large
Dates: 14 July – 15 September
Time: Wednesday 4 pm – 6 pm
Cost:  $250
Classes are designed to inspire young minds and draw out creative abilities, developing imagination and individuality.
Info/book:  Su Fishpool on 0400 782 152

Class: Art for Joy – Mixed Media

Tutor:  Catherine Lawlor
Level:  Beginners to intermediate
Duration:  8 weeks
Location: Large studio
Dates: 14, 21, 28 July– 4, 11, 18, 25 August – 1 September
Time: Wednesday  9.30 am  – 11.30 am
Cost:  $280
A relaxed painting class, with the focus on using different genres and mediums! Explore the versatility and beauty of watercolour and acrylic paints, soft pastels, ink and pen! Students will be encouraged to develop their own practice and style in a supportive environment.
Info/book:  Catherine Lawlor on 0418 581 198 or

Class: Innovative and New Ideas in Ink Drawing

Tutor:  Catherine Hamilton
Level: All
Duration:  8 weeks
Studio: Small
Dates: 14 July – 8 September [no class 4 August]
Time: Wednesday 9.30 pm  – 12 noon
Cost:  $264

This fun and relaxed class explores a variety of techniques with ink, using innovative ways to create stunning effects. Various types of ink will be explored. Mixed media can also be incorporated into your work to add texture, including the addition of coloured ink or coloured watercolour washes. Lots of new ideas to kick start your creativity.
Info/book:  Catherine Hamilton on 0419 519 760 or