Writing Group

Maybe you have jotted down ideas for stories or invented them in your head?

Do you make up tall tales for the kids and grandkids?

Have you found out any interesting facts about your ancestors?

What exciting or funny adventures have you had in your life that you would like to share with us?

Perhaps you like to think about different endings to familiar stories? Jonah and the Minnow? Little Green Riding Hoodie? A Tale of Three Cities or a local version of Romeo and Juliet?

Do you write poetry or create limericks, pen epic sagas or rhyming couplets?

We would love to hear your words so do come along and read them to us. Not only do we love to write, we also love to listen.

Let us bring out the writer in you

As the studios have re-opened we are keen to get our writing group back up and running (or should I say writing?)

If you’d like to participate please give Ruth Quinn a call: 0439 399 022.

Ruth loves all things writing and reading, so she’d love to hear from you.

Writers’ Gallery

Graphite drawing of a weathered bollard in water with rope, by Ruth QuinnRuth Quinn

The Winter of our Discontent 2020

Ruth Quinn, from the Writing Group, beautifully expresses the feeling of being in COVID lockdown.