Paul Margocsy Demo ~ Bird Painting with Water Based Media

Paul Margocsy's demonstration of air brushing a background around a subject.

Paul Margocsy’s demonstration of air brushing a background around a subject

Paul Margocsy treated his large audience to a most entertaining and informative demonstration. He began by demonstrating his unusual technique for painting a background by masking off the subject, then air brushing around a moving cut-out stencil to create an impression of soft clouds with varied shapes and edges.

His lightning fast work was interspersed with amusing anecdotes about his life and his beginnings in the art world. Being a self-taught artist “gave him the freedom to do what he liked,” and he assured us he still does just that.

Paul Margocsy signing one of his books for one of the audience

Paul was happy to sign copies of his books for members of the audience.

The baby owl Paul painted for us was blocked in with fast brushstrokes which immediately came to life when Paul carefully drew in the very expressive eyes. “Get the eyes right and everything else falls into place”, he told us. As you can see, the baby owl looks soft enough to touch and eyes stare out perhaps saying” touch me if you dare!”

Paul Margocsy with completed owl painting

Paul Margocsy with completed owl painting

Paul uses many different supports for his work including canvas, mount board and clayboard, which is a hardboard covered in kaolin clay and glue and has an ideal surface for use with water-based paints and inks. When the work is finished it can then be sealed with a spray fixative.The colours stay vibrant and it works well with both bold expressive works, and with highly detailed paintings.

Paul Margocsy paint colours

A sample of Paul’s colours

Paul keeps a wide selection of ink, watercolour and gouache colours ready to hand in small plastic pill containers, using whatever mix of media best suit his purpose.

A large audience watches the Paul Margocsy demo

Paul provided his large audience with a wealth of information during his entertaining demo.

The large crowd that gathered to watch Paul’s demo is testament to his reputation as one of Australia’s foremost wildlife artists, who has been honoured with a fellow membership to The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia for services to the society and wildlife art.

Paul has exhibited his superb work in London, Japan, America and Singapore and his artwork has been commissioned by Australia Post and the United Nations.

This was not only a demonstration of masterful painting skill but also a fun and entertaining afternoon. Thank you, Paul!