Elizabeth Hickey Foyer Exhibitiion. 4 prints framed in black hanging on a wall.

Elizabeth Hickey

I am a visual artist living on the Mornington Peninsula. After completing a BFA in printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012 my work primarily involves intaglio and relief processes.

At the heart of my practice is a love of drawing and the challenges that printmaking brings to the process of creating an image.

My subject matter is varied; I am fascinated by the objects around us that form the domestic landscape. I find nature to be full of miracles … and I like skeletons. I use skeletons in place of specific people. A skeleton is everyone. They are without gender, race or age. And they are humorous figures reminding us of our own mortality.

Elizabeth (left) and Rachel hold weekend classes in printmaking at Peninsula Arts Society. The duo operate under the delightfully apt name of Squid Ink Studio. See our class list for more details.

Rachel Bonnici

I am a printmaker and painter who is always looking to expand my practices into uncomfortable territories. I love working with the fluidity of line and colour that printmaking techniques offer. I enjoy exploring realms of the subconscious within my work and at times, my images take on a dream-like experience.

I draw inspiration from nature, forever attempting to capture or emulate it somehow in my work. My work takes on an organic feel with shapes, lines and colours that I have come across when looking at rock formations or watching the waves of the ocean.

I love to experiment with my work and am constantly excited when I discover new materials I can work with. Like many artists, I go through stages with my work. I don’t believe a day goes by when I am not thinking about my new artistic venture.