Elena Ferrarin

Elena Ferrarin has been involved with Peninsula Arts since she was in school, knowing that art would be a part of her life from a young age. She began with Su Fishpool’s art classes and later with Catherine Hamilton’s advanced drawing class.

Another of Elena’s passions, along with drawing, was storytelling and she found that animation offered the perfect combination of these interests. She studied a Bachelor in Animation, loving the drawing and art that was the creative force behind so many of her animation projects and other inspirations.

Elena loves using traditional mediums in her animations, often applying her drawing and craft skills to make cartoons or 2D animations. While working as a freelance animator, Elena still spends much time painting and creating with watercolour, her favourite medium, which suits her style of bright colours and loose brushstrokes. Elena has completed commissions and exhibited in art shows.

At Peninsula Arts exhibitions, Elena discovered and admired the work of watercolourist Jeff Gilmour, also a Peninsula Arts member. At an opening night, Elena mentioned how she would love to learn how to paint like Jeff and was suddenly introduced and given the opportunity to join his watercolour class. She loved learning to paint a range of subjects and developing her skills with an inspiring tutor.

Elena enjoys painting a variety of subject matter from animals to nature, often inspired by the colour or pose, always intending to generate a bit of imagination and happiness with her creations.

See more of Elena’s work:

Website: https://elenaferrarin.wordpress.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/e.ferrarin/

Artwork by Elena Ferrarin