Foyer Gallery Exhibition – Paola Ditel

Artwork by Paola Ditel depicting stylized Buddha face, lotus flower, leaves and a starry sky background.

All artwork by Paola Ditel

Paola Ditel lives in Frankston and has been a member of PAS since 1999. She has painted from a young age and is mainly self-taught, though she attended some workshops while living in Cooma NSW.

Photo of artist Paola Ditel

Paola Ditel

Paola qualified as an Interior Designer at RMIT in 1989 and worked in the industry for about 8 years.

Currently Paola paints in her studio and loves discovering her own methods of artmaking in pastels, acrylic and sometimes watercolour or oil. She especially likes painting in acrylics as she has a large quantity of acrylic paint and loves its diversity. Sometimes she works in mixed media using charcoal, collage/acrylics and watercolour in the one artwork.

For Paola the main goal of her artmaking is to have fun and still her mind to a point of focus and calm. This is why she started painting in the first place. This approach also led her to become a yoga teacher and Pilates instructor.

Portrait of a brown and white cow by Paola Ditel

Painting by Paola Ditel

Painting of white lillies by Paola Ditel