Title "Under the Sea" with crab, shark, fish and imaginary creature.

Diving deep with the Upstart Kids

In this unique collaborative exhibit, the Upstarts (age 7-11) were encouraged to venture beyond the boundaries of conventional representation to explore and express the texture, movement, and ethereal feeling of the world beneath the waves. Together they have worked with a kaleidoscope of colours and materials, inviting you on a journey through underwater realms.

They used mainly recycled art materials repurposed from their past year’s work. Many different techniques were employed to create their sea creatures from 2D and 3D shapes and forms.

Under the sea, colour is everywhere. The kids used everything they could get their hands on! Watercolour, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, pen, collage and glitter were all used to great effect in capturing the beautiful colour and texture to be found in the deep.

Under the Sea by the Upstart Kids. A children's art installationt featuring brightly coloured paintings and models of sea creatures against an undersea painted backdrop and 3D modeled rocks.